Reflections on the Delivery Leads Summit


In the work that I do, there is a lot of chaos, a lot of moving around and not a heck of a lot of time to get grounded.

So, often it’s easy to get lost inside your head, within a client, or even lost within another city (metaphorically… not physically). And, frankly, when I am at home, my time is dedicated to my daughter and not to work… and I need to do a complete context switch.

As such, there are two things that I need to constantly remind myself: where I come from (and no, it’s not Calgary) and the company I work for.

I work for an IT consultancy that is scattered worldwide… and often further scattered within the city where we are working. I’m living on the edge of San Jose and currently see most of my co-workers over video or in airports (I can’t even count how many times I’ve been in a city and unexpectedly run into people that I’ve worked with in the past).

I would endeavor to also say that I know more people globally than I do locally.

And, on some days I am so tired and lacking in brain power that I lose touch with the fact that I work with some incredibly wonderful and brilliant people… and I should be connecting with those people when I have problems (and success). We are supposed to be constantly innovating, adapting, consultant-y, and disruptive (in a positive way)… some times I need a kick to remind me of the last piece.

This weekend was a kick and a reseting of my energy and focus. The weekend consisted of some familiar faces that I haven’t seen in a while (Adrien, Farooq, Pat, Amit, Camilla, Audrey, JJ), some wonderful new faces to me (April, Joleen, Fiona, Jared), and some critical moments that reminded me of why I work for this company:

  • Farooq standing up in the middle of a session and telling everyone that they’re not questioning/challenging enough to have a good discussion
  • everyone arguing passionately about how “technical” project managers need to be
  • side discussions over how do we measure business value at a story level (and the always present “let’s get rid of points” discussion)
  • the fact that we have a roving reporting (is that not cool?)
  • Joe singing Piece of Shit Car at Karaoke and then everyone screaming out the words to Enter Sandman
  • long and deep discussions with Joleen and April over dinner (I love these gals)
  • hanging out with the “boys from South Africa” while eating Mexican food in New York before going to Toy’RUs
  • talking to people who can relate to things like: what it’s like to not know what city or time zone you are in, airline struggles, having to fight to find the patience to be patient, how unglobal the world really is, how unusable the internet is, and the always present Pillar 3 discussions.

I love the people I work with. I’m glad I was invited to New York. I now have renewed energy and new thoughts to help with untangling the problems I have at my current project.

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